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cows sheep – Search for cows and sheeps
“two brown cows” – Search with the exact phrase “two brown cows”
cows -barn – Search cows without the word barn
cows -barn “brown colour” – Search cows without the word barn but with the exact phrase “brown colour”
cattle ~glossary – Search for glossaries about cattle, also dictionaries, terms, terminology etc.
define:cattle – Search the definitions of the cattle


5+5-2*2/2 – means 5 + 5 – 2 * 2 /2 =8
10% of 200 – means percentage 10% of 200 = 20
2^5 or 2**5 means – raise to a power, 2^ 5 = 32
32,50 EURO in USD – means converting Euro to Dollars (€32,50 is $35,46)


Search with restrictions:
mouse site:www.computer.com – search information with the word mouse on www.computer.com
linux tux 2000..2010 – search for linux articles mentioning tux written from the year 2000 till 2010
link:linuxsource.nl – search for pages that link to linuxsource.nl website


Search with special queries:
book Linux – search for books containing linux
define linux what is tux – show the definition of the words linux and tux
define:kernel – search for the definition of the word kernel
movie:linux – search information about the movie linux, liek reviews, showtimes etc.
weather:amsterdam – show the current weather of the city Amsterdam
cache:cnn.com – show the cached version of the website cnn.com
info:www.space.com – find information about the website www.space.com
related:www.linux.org – find websites related to www.linux.org


Restrict search to sites with query words:
allinanchor:information linux sites – search for pages that are called information linux site by others.
restaurants Amsterdam inanchor:junk-food – search for pages on restaurants in Amsterdam with links to the page, says junk-food.
allintext:ingredients cilantro chicken lime – Search for recipes with these three ingredients.
Dan Shugar intext:Powerlight – Find pages mentioning Dan Shugar where his company, Powerlight
allintitle: Google Advanced Operators – Search for pages with titles containing “Google,” “Advanced,”, and “Operators”.
movies comedy intitle:top ten – Search for pages with the words movie and comedy that include top ten in the title of the page.)
allinurl:pez faq – Search for pages containing the words pez & faq in the URL.)
pharmaceutical inurl:investor – Search for pages in which the URL contains the word investor.
flying author:Hamish author:Reid – Search for Hamish Reid’s articles on flying.)
ivan doig group:rec.arts.books – Search for postings about Ivan Doig in the group rec.arts.books.)
insubject:”crazy quilts” – Find articles containing crazy quilts in the subject line.)
queen location:uk – Find British news articles on the Queen.
peace source:ha_aretz -search articles on peace from the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz